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Mariana Renata

Mar movies, so called regular, among Janji Joni (2005) and had a role as Kay in the film Lux Short Movie, MATCHMAKER (2006). In addition, women who had close diisyukan with Nicholas Saputra, the headline also had a video clip group and Peterpan band Ungu.

Mariana Renata was born in Paris, 31 December 1983. He was a model and actress who in 2004 had been the stars Lux ad, which then toss his name.

Daughter pair male French origin, Andre Dantec and Anita Kirana that lived in Zimbabwe for six years before and then back to Paris for a year and eventually settled in Brazil.

Maria jebolan the University of Sorbonne, Paris department of English Literature, is now being completed a master's degree at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.